Friday, February 25, 2011

What a fun weekend! Jill and the girls were here for 5 days (thanks to all the snow we got an extra day with them). Tree was sick at home and missed out on some serious fun. Steve made a milky way cake so us girls spent a morning together at the kitchen table decorating each piece. Clare sat patiently in her high chair waiting for a piece of cake or Hannah to sneak her another sprinkle! I put one piece in a tea cup I found at a second hand store. Jill and I tried to make a tutu for the tea cup, which would be super cute with a cupcake in the tea cup. I got a little obsessed with the sprinkles because I only wanted certain colors. Something I need to work on in the new year...

Steve also made waffles one morning. He decided to use Clare's tutu as a chef hat. The girls were quite amused by Steve's kitchen act. The girls also enjoyed their first attempt at cross stitch. I can't wait for Clare to join them for craft time.

When the snow finally stopped and Jill shoveled the whole driveway by hand to get her truck out, they realized they didn't have any snow boots. So, Jill being Jill, wrapped plastic bags around their shoes for the walk up the hill through a couple inches of snow. It was a wonderful weekend with family!

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